Happy children from an Oxfam assisted community. We work our partners to assist the poor and disadvantaged communities. Photograph: Oxfam

We need to work together to achieve positive change and equality, and the governments, civil society, private corporations, development partners, and individuals must collaborate. Oxfam uses its competencies and connections to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones. Through working together, we will be well placed to lead, seize opportunities and to respond to situational demands.

Oxfam works with poor people’s organizations and institutions mandated to support the poor and protect their rights. We recognize that to effect lasting change, people’s organizations need to make their own decisions and take action. To strengthen the civil society, we strategically partner with select local actors and build alliances with others.

Our partnerships go beyond project delivery. Relationships with core partners, based on solidarity, shared goals, and values, aim to strengthen the partners’ strategies and their networks so that they remain a sustainable force for the development of Sri Lanka. Oxfam engages with academic institutions, media, agricultural businesses, social enterprises, youth organizations, and national organizations. New opportunities for dialogue with different levels of government, the private sector, and other aid actors are being explored.

Oxfam targets regions lagging behind in their development, especially the war affected communities in the North and East and the estate worker populations in the hill country and areas adjacent. Our work is anticipated to continue in twelve districts across the Northern, Eastern, Central, North Central, Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Southern provinces. Oxfam expects to reach 40,000 families and to work with 40 partner organizations.

We will continue to reassess the needs within the regions and explore opportunities to maximize cost efficiencies. Population increase, levels of poverty and vulnerability within the country’s fast-growing city centers, especially Colombo, will be monitored so that appropriate responses can be tailored targeting the poorest and most vulnerable.

Partners and communities are encouraged and enabled to hold Oxfam accountable for its commitments, and their feedback will help us improve our programs and partnerships.