Who we are

Mother and daughter at the International Women's Day market in Polonnaruwa. Photo Credit: Sheshadri Kottearachchi

Oxfam works to mobilize the power of the people around the world to against poverty and injustice. Oxfam in Sri Lanka is a part of the Oxfam International Confederation.

Our Vision

In Sri Lanka, we picture a nation where everyone, especially women, girls and vulnerable groups, can make their own choices and take charge of their lives. They will live in peace with respect for themselves and others, free from injustice and poverty.

We recognize the opportunity available in Sri Lanka to achieve lasting peace, sustainable development and social justice for all its citizens, especially to improve the living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable.

We have worked in Sri Lanka for over three decades supporting the country through a variety of humanitarian and development programs.  Presently, our programs are focused on achieving economic justice and gender justice. We work to make communities safer against disaster and step in to provide humanitarian aid. Building peace and promoting the citizen’s right to speak and be heard are two important themes that inspire all our work.

Oxfam works with civil society, international and local development partners, the Government of Sri Lanka and the private sector to promote pro-poor development, equitable access to services and resources, and to remove the causes of division and conflict permanently.