In Eastern Sri Lanka, natural disasters like floods and droughts often damage or destroy the harvests of rice farmers. For a majority of them, paddy cultivation is their only income, and this climate-sensitive crop relies on the availability of right amount of water and sunshine.

A successful case of influencing under Sri Lanka’s Humanitarian Cash Transfer Programme Responsive and nimble influencing approaches are particularly critical in an emergency context. This case study highlights how Oxfam in Sri Lanka and partners used their understanding of the local context...
The community worked together to renovate the bund which also doubles as the main access road to the village. Photograph: Nipuna Kumbalathara/Oxfam

2015 North-East monsoon season has been one of the better ones for the community in Vavunathivu. They’ve received plenty of rain for the “Maha” paddy cultivating season, but unlike in the previous years, there hasn’t been devastating floods.