Our Approach

Woman tending to her crops

For our vision to be realized, we need to address the causes of inequality, injustice, conflict and poverty. We work to strengthen movements for positive change and capitalize on opportunities available. Oxfam seeks to enable the people of Sri Lanka, especially the poor and vulnerable women and men so that they have the ability to make choices, to take action and can engage with their governments with dignity. Finding solutions to the problems that trap people in poverty and put them at risk requires a holistic approach to enable and join people together. We believe that citizens should be the drivers and leaders of development.

There is a disproportionate percentage of poor and vulnerable women and girls. For them to lead and participate in the development process, and to improve their lives, a fundamental change needs to happen within the home, community, and society at large.  Women, men, and children are required to adopt new and positive attitudes that challenge the cultural norms, especially those that promote or tolerate inequality, division and violence, and change the dynamics of power. 

Non-governmental organizations rooted amongst the poor, national organizations, movements, and individuals promoting equality, human rights, peace, and tolerance all have a critical role in challenging the negatives and beliefs which continue to be reinforced through government policies, economic models, business practices, media reporting and leadership at all levels.

Oxfam has invested significantly in mobilizing the rural poor into community-based groups, and we are working to link these groups with partners that work at higher levels. Moving forward, we will strategically broaden our influencing base to include a wider range of governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals. We will support youth to fulfill their roles as active citizens, drivers of social change and future leaders.  Oxfam will work to increase the power of people and groups to challenge the forces that prolong inequality and vulnerability.

Oxfam will:

  • Link existing community groups with others to strengthen their ability to defend their rights
  • Link within and between communities to build dialogues that bridge divides
  • Empower women and girls at the community level
  • Broaden the space for challenging the norms and promote policy that protects women and girls and enables pro-poor development, at district, provincial and national levels
  • Provide opportunities for the poor to speak up and influence the opinions and decisions affecting them