MOU signing in support of further ACCEND project activities

The ACCEND project is a four-year long commitment to improve health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation among rural and estate communities from the Uva and Central Provinces.
Supported by the European Union in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and in partnership with ADRA Sri Lanka, an MOU was signed with the Department of National Community Water Supply (DNCWS) recently.
The agreement is based on the following areas of cooperation:
  • Formation of Water Management Committees (WMCs),
  • Construction of Water and Sanitation (WASH) facilities,
  • Capacity building and training of personnel in relevant institutions to better deliver support and services 
  • Supporting community based organizations (CBOs) 
  • Designing household latrines and enabling an eventual ‘owner driven’ approach 
  • Establishing geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of existing water systems in the project’s operational districts 
  • Creating policy advocacy initiatives on WASH and the activities aiming at / in conjunction with national strategies and initiative
The DNCWs will continue to support the outreach of the project, by providing institutional and technical expertise. This include grassroot-level support, enabling capacity-building activities and institutional collaborations such as awareness-building programmes on Chronic Kidney Diseases.