Peace Building

Children at play. Young people from different ethnic groups have been keen to get to know each other. Photograph: Oxfam

Oxfam takes a practical approach to peacebuilding that is both sensitive to the ground realities and takes advantage of opportunities available. All our work is conflict sensitive, i.e. they will not in any way worsen divisions and tensions or cause conflict amongst communities.

Through learning and developing awareness, Oxfam and its partners recognise opportunities to promote peace and adapt programming so that they help bring together communities divided by the conflict.  By incorporating peacebuilding and conflict sensitive programming across all our work, women and men will have a greater understanding of causes of conflict and how to act together to reduce divisions.

As a result:

Oxfam staff, partners and civil society organisations will have an increased understanding of diversity (ethnic, religious and caste) and be able to identify opportunities for building peace.

Communities will have a greater understanding of causes of conflict and be able to identify opportunities to address these through a dialogue within their community and with neighbouring communities to create greater awareness of diversity and to build trust.

Increased awareness of other ethnic, religious and caste groups will lead to shared plans and solutions, which can be used as foundations for durable peace.

Oxfam, partner and community capability to analyse conflict causes, and implement conflict sensitive action will be enhanced.