Gender Justice

Women cheering in agreement at the #16Days of Activism against GBV event in Batticoloa

We want poor and vulnerable women and girls to be able to exercise their rights and live free from violence. There must be more women in positions of leadership influencing structures, processes, and action for equitable social change.

Our goals:

  • Recognition of women’s rights will be increased, and tolerance for gender-based violence will be reduced by: changing discriminatory attitudes and practices; strengthening policies and laws, and by improving their implementation; Government and responsible actors will be held accountable for the delivery of services.
  • More freedom and opportunities for women to actively participate in decision making and more women in positions of leadership for change.

What we do:

Discrimination and violence against women and girls can be reduced by challenging beliefs, attitudes, and practices that lead to gender inequality.  We seek to engage men and boys as change agents through strategically adapting approaches that have worked well internationally to suit the local situations. Media, religious institutions, and leaders play a critical role in shaping people’s opinions. Therefore, we proactively engage with them to advance public opinions of the human rights to be treated equally and to live free from violence. We work with young men and women, recognizing their potential to bring about positive change.  Oxfam aims to broaden the acceptance of gender equality as a human right so that more women and girls can take up leadership roles.

Women, while active in local social welfare organizations, are traditionally left out of community decision-making organs such as farmer, fisheries, political and religious committees.  We support women to develop their self-confidence, and their communities are supported to encourage women’s participation and leadership. As a result, more women will contribute to community action for peace building, local disaster management and networks linking local and national campaigns.  Building upon our work, Oxfam will partner with national influencing efforts and local women leaders to increase women’s representation in local governments and the Parliament. 

Oxfam works to prevent all forms of gender-based violence by promoting women’s and girls’ rights. We promote a dialogue on their rights at the community level, work to address the gaps in laws, policies, and structures, and advocate for the implementation of existing laws. 

As a result:

  • More women are leading community groups and action.
  • Men and boys are engaged to address gender-based violence and gender inequality.
  • More people are encouraged to question gender stereotypes and to stand up against gender-based violence and discriminatory practices.
  • The government will respond positively to demands by citizens and promotes women’s and girls’ rights by introducing and implementing policies. Discriminatory policies will be replaced.