Oxfam response to Cyclone Ochki

Oxfam Emergency Response Team visiting communities in affected areas. Photo: Diluksion Francis\Oxfam. 

Tropical cyclone Ochki affected Sri Lanka on the 30th of November, 2017 resulting in heavy rains and wind. The cyclone was caused by a deep depression forming 300km west in the Arabian Sea. The adverse weather resulted in mudslides, power failures, topped trees and damages to properties throughout the Southern and Western regions of the country. As per the latest DMC situation report, over 128, 118 people have been affected by the extreme weather conditions, with 15 deaths and 2 missing persons reported. Oxfam has remained vigilant of the changing weather conditions and is working to address the immediate needs of people in existing camps and temporary shelters.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

✅Procurement of 750 hygiene kits

✅Procurement of dignity kits for women in affected areas

✅Updating jerry can and tarpaulin sheet stocks to 1000 units of each

Oxfam will continue to monitor the needs of communities affected by the cyclonic rains and will further work to maintain a sustainable system of relief during situations of extreme weather.