National Forum Against Gender-based Violence

Forum members engaged in discussion during the meeting.

Co-chairs of the National Forum Against Gender-based Violence, Oxfam in Sri Lanka and UNFPA Sri Lanka and forum members, launched the #16DaysOfActivism against gender-based violence yesterday.

Country Director for Oxfam in Sri Lanka, Bojan Kolundzija spoke on the importance of forum members being accountable and being able to share the message of the forum with external audiences. "It isn't enough that we circulate our values among ourselves," he said, "They must also reach other stakeholders."

The panelists included representatives from Chrysalis Gte, Sarvodaya, UNCHR, The Asia Foundation, Menengage Alliance SRI LANKA and Centre for Women's Research - Cenwor.
Each representative presented concepts, ideas and research areas they had developed upon, in relation to combatting GBV as well as understanding it better. Areas discussed included the price of GBV, the need for a #MeToo movement in Sri Lanka as well as community-based case studies on victims/ asylum seekers facing GBV.