Oxfam in Sri Lanka partners with Etherisc and AON to deliver blockchain insurance schemes

We are excited to report the progress of our joint initiative with Etherisc and AON in developing insurance schemes for vulnerable farmers using blockchain technology.




  • AON and ETHERISC partners in discussion with farmer organization representatives

    Last week, OiSL, Etherisc and Sanasa Insurance teams were in Batticoloa talking to farmers, authorities, and other stakeholders about our existing weather index insurance scheme.

  • Farmers seated outside in discussion with Oxfam and partners

    The visiting representatives listened to the success stories of implemented mechanisms, and also learnt about suggestions for improvement, which is crucial in understanding the process and developing a successful blockchain platform.

  • AON, ETHERISC and Oxfam staff in conversation with field representatives

    At the end of visit, the teams were confident that we will soon have a product which can go live and in doing so, improve insurance and help farmers bounce back in the aftermath of floods/ heavy raining.