Oxfam Dry bags being put to use during the floods

Earlier this year, Oxfam in Sri Lanka distributed 2,840 dry bags to residents of the Kalutara and Ratnapura districts.
The dry bags were given to vulnerable families living in areas that experience flooding more than once a year.

Today in the face of the current rainy season, we see the dry bags being put to practical use. Family members are able to carry their valuable items and documents, safely and securely in the dry bags provided. 

  • Sri Lankan families waiting in a group to receive dry bags

    Residents in vulnerable locations, waiting to recieve their respective dry bags. Each bag is capable of carrying dry items and valuables such as certificates, identification documents, etc. without getting wet or soiled by flood water. 

  • Sri Lanka male walking across flood water with the Oxfam dry bag

    Resident from the Ratnapura, travels across the flood water carrying his belongings in the dry bag. 

  • Young girl in the flood

    A young girl, knee deep in flood water, precariously transports the family valuables in the dry bag. Despite the high levels of water, the contents of the dry bag remain safe.